10 free ebooks and 10 cheap ebooks from Amazon- Monday, February 25, 2012

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Note: Please check the price before purchasing as some of these books are subject to change.

10 Free ebooks

1. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling.

2. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

3. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

4. Dracula by Bram Stoker.

5. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

6. eSteampunk Vol. 1 No. 1 by O.M. Grey.

7. The Shunned House by H.P. Lovecraft.

8. The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood.

9. Red Nails by Robert E. Howard.

10. The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle.


10 Cheap ebooks

1. Weird Tales of Robert E. Howard: Original Tales of Conan and Kull -$1.99

2. Outies (The Mote Series) by Jennifer Pournelle$2.65

3. Kingdom of Nothing by Casey Hollingshead– $0.99

4. Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories$3.99

5. Hounds of Autumn by Heather Blackwood-$2.99

6. Loki by Mike Vasich$3.99

7. The Wages of Spin by Carl Trueman$2.99

8. Why Holiness Matters by Tyler Braun$1.99

9. Out on a Limb: A Smoky Mountain Mystery by Carolyn Jordan– $2.99

10. 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron-$0.99


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